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Support Aid Ministry is one of the most innovative ran from individual child sponsorship to child ‘’work training’’ schools, to play groups to ‘’positive deviance’’ education and health programs to teach children how to learn for the local best practices.  At the Support Aid Ministry Centre (SAMIC) we believe that every child in the world regardless of nationality, race, or religion has their ‘rights’, hence at SAMIC we;

  • Coordinate and provide education support to the orphans;
  •  Provide caring counselling.
  • Establish and promote social welfare for the children in need.
  • Provide special care and training to disabled children;
  • Liaise with other voluntary organizations and coalition networks
  • Organize workshops to create awareness in HIV aids and protection
  • Feed hungry orphans
  • Provide clean drinking water
  • Provide orphans within our program with access to proper health care
  • Provide spiritual nourishment to both orphans and the surrounding community

We are committed to raise resources to support our set pillars of hope to improve the lives of the abused and neglected children and youth. We work with child welfare organizations to deliver innovative programs that support our pillars of hope of child sponsorship (education) and giving programs. We also have Hope Vocational Training College (HVTC) and, Water borehole projects which will fulfill our dream at the Center to improve skills and proved clean water to the children under our care. By giving to Support Aid Ministry you are supporting our work with children in Kenya and Haiti. Support Aid Ministry relies on the generosity of people like you to change lives of many.

You can give a child the chance of a new life! food, clothing and school books. These children know the value of an education and they are so eager to learn. You can contribute $10, $20, $30, or $40 per month toward the sponsorship of a child of your choice. We’ll send you photos. Just choose your new little friend! They will write you joyful letters. We know, because we have witnessed their joy and gratitude at receiving food, clothes, a safe place to sleep and a chance to go to school. Last trip, we were able to purchase 35 mosquito bed nets for 35 kids. You should have seen their excitement. This will dramatically reduce their chances of contracting malaria. Help us help one of these enthusiastic young people toward a rewarding, educated life! They will write you of their goals. Many want to return to their villages to help, after completing their schooling. You can send a young senior student to university for just $1500 a year.